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Noosa Jazz Festival

Wendy Matthews

With an extraordinary wanderlust and spirited, gypsy vibe to her life Wendy seemingly has done it all, and then some. Jingles, voice overs, firsts, lasts and everything imaginable in between and yet she is down to earth, real and one Hell of a talent!

Whole picture, Wendy is a fairly open book but one that could take on a life of its own, requiring volumes instead of simple chapters.From busking to LA and beyond, Wendy has done massive touring dates with some of the hottest in the industry, had many an accolade, headed some major bands (Models & Absent Friends), hit the ARIA charts and become a nationally treasured artist, met and worked alongside Japans treasure, Hiroshi Sato, as well as Aussie legend Glenn Shorrock (The Little River Band), been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame, toured with Sarah, Rod and Cher;and this was still not even close to being within the prime of her career with her career still in full stride!

With a close-knit relationship with her friends, bandmates, peers and fans, there is a rather utopian vibe to her life and career, and the melodic expression that is her voice.  "Extraordinary, crystal-clear vocals  a soulfulness that was the mark of a truly gifted singer" says rock historian Ian McFarlane, and I cannot agree more! As for the future? Wendy has lead a charmed life of sorts, living the dream of doing what she loves, on her own terms so whatever the future holds, there is a magic on the horizon and she is"Super Excited!".

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