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Noosa Jazz Festival

Volunteer With Us

If you're looking to do something a little bit different, learn new skills, brush up on old skills, or want to meet some wonderful new people, we'd love to have you on board as a volunteer with us!

There are many positions available with the Noosa Jazz Festival as a volunteer.  To apply simply complete our online application form: 



We're looking for people to work with us in the following roles:


Volunteer Position Descriptions
-          Promo and Street Team:  Poster and flyer distribution.  Please help us get the word out!  We need people to help spread the word, help us take and hand out our flyers, come with us to some external events to hand out flyers.  Recruiting ASAP
-          Site Theming Team: Bunting/craft work/site theming.  We’re handy with a stapler; hopefully you’ll be handy with a sewing machine!  Can you help us make some bunting for the festival?   Got any other creative ideas you want to bring to the event?  We’d love to hear them!  Recruiting ASAP
-          Event Coordination/Ticketing:  General assistance in the lead up to the festival answering patron phone calls, selling tickets, general event coordination and office administration duties (compiling info packs, artist packs, etc).  Recruiting ASAP
-          Jazz Parade Coordinator:  Must have prior artist liaison and event management skills.  Ability to coordinate and produce a 20 minute Jazz Parade liaising with multiple stakeholders and community groups.  Recruiting ASAP
-          Tastings On Hastings Musicians: Recruit, manage and oversee musicians for Tastings on Hastings event. 
-          Talent Search Coordinator:  Must have prior music industry and event management skills.  Duties include finding talent search entrants, searching for and negotiating prizes, liaising with musicians, organising judges, organising run sheet, overseeing Talent Search Venue.  Recruiting ASAP
Festival Village
Information Booth:
Located in the festival village. Provide patrons with event information – festival program, venue details, location of amenities, schedule and general information on the Noosa area. You’re friendly, warm and helpful…

Entry Gate Attendant:
Festival Gate Attendants will be the friendly, happy faces welcoming festival patrons, providing them with information and directions, checking the patron has a valid ticket and then securely attaching the wristband to the patron’s wrist in exchange for their ticket.
Patron Support: Festival Village
 This position is to provide friendly and efficient support to festival patrons to ensure they have a quality festival experience and return again next year. You will need to have sensational people skills, effective communication skills and the ability to problem solve.

These positions involve a variety of tasks including but not limited to:
-        Surveying festival patrons – collecting and disseminating all surveys as directed by Event Staff
-        Providing information and directions to festival patrons
-        Assisting Accessible patrons into the venue and into the dedicated Accessible Area.
-        Giving out programs and encourage people to come inside
-        Ensuring the tables and chairs are kept tidy
Stage Assistants (Concert, Talent Search, Tastings on Hastings Musicians): Managing the movement of artists on and off stage to ensure performances commence and finish on time and assist crew with equipment as required.

Entry Gates/Ticket Booth:
Located in Noosa Lions Parks, you will need to help patrons collect pre-purchased tickets to the festival and also sell tickets to new patrons.

VIP Tent Attendant:
Attend to guests and VIP’s. Serve food to guests and generally keep the VIP area tidy.
Jazz River Cruise Attendant: Welcome patrons onto the Jazz River Cruise. Jump on board and ensure they have a pleasant journey.

Bar Attendant/beer ticket staff: MUST have your RSA certificate. Work the VIP and/ or licensed bar area and sell drink tickets to patrons.
Artist Liaison: Be a point of contact for artists to assist with any enquiries they may have on the day.
Legends Series: Welcome our festival patrons to Legends Series lunch/dinner. You’ll be required to check tickets, wrist band and help seating guests at their tables.
Tastings On Hastings: Must have RSA.  Welcome our festival patrons to Tastings on Hastings. You’ll be required to check tickets, wrist band and help seating guests at their tables.  Assist in serving alcohol to patrons and exchanging beer tickets for beverages to manage alcohol stock.

Site Theming and Sponsor Signage Team Leader and Team: This is a critical and vital role for the festival.  Team leader will be responsible for working with the Event Management team to implement and administer the festival signage plan.  Team members will assist putting up and taking down sponsorship, directional and festival signage, flags etc.  This is a crucial role for the event as
Artist Transfers: Drive the supplied vehicles to transfer artists to and from the venue and/or airport. Must have current driver’s license.

Site and Production Department
Bump-in/Out:   Assist the Site Manager with the bump-in and bump-out for Festival Village.

Hastings Street (Bump in):
Assist the site manager with placing tables, barriers, umbrellas and signage along Hastings Street, including the running of the street parade. (Friday Only)

Hastings Street (Bump out):
Assist the site manager with striking all elements from the road way, including tables, barriers, umbrellas and signage along Hastings Street. (Friday Only)
Site and Production Crew:  Working on site to help move infrastructure and equipment.
Waste Management:  An essential role at any festival! As part of the waste management team you will be assisting festival-goers with their recycling, emptying bins, wheeling bins to new locations, keeping food areas tidy and just generally keeping the site spick ‘n’ span! 



[1] Please note, positions in the Site Department may require physical exertion and some heavy lifting. Appropriate attire, including steel capped footwear is encouraged.


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