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Noosa Jazz Festival

Our Manifesto

We've been inspired by some of the company manifestos we've seen and we wanted to share with you why we do what we do.


The Noosa Jazz Manifesto



We believe life is a series of moments to be shared with the people you love and care about.  We believe we should all spend more time in the moment – we should sing loudly, dance freely and be absorbed into music without worrying what others may think.


We believe that life is made up of moments that move you and make you smile; The days are long but the years fly by - so we come together for a moment in time to enjoy; connect; reconnect; unplug and create memories to be reminisced upon.


As a festival we exist for a moment in time – we bring you a place to come together – where you can simply “be” in a moment where nothing else exists except for you, the people you’re with and the music that surrounds you.


As festival producers we are the makers of smiles, and the enablers of memories, the manufacturers of the moments that linger on long after the moment has gone. 


We do what we do so we can look out from behind the curtain while you’re immersed in your favourite artist and we can see your smile and the happiness that being in the moment can bring…


So sing loudly, dance freely and be in this moment.  Take the time to connect with your loved ones, make new friends and strengthen old ones.  Create a memory that can be fondly recalled long after the time has passed by…


Live simply. Love completely. Sing loudly. Dance freely.  Be Present in the moment.  


Noosa Jazz



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Festival Village Checklist

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Playing Schedule

11 Aug 15 - Download your copy of the 2015 Playing Schedule and start planning your festival experience!